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Cram - Reduce Pictures
Cram - Reduce Pictures
Cram - Reduce Pictures
Cram - Reduce Pictures
Cram - Reduce Pictures
Cram - Reduce Pictures
Cram - Reduce Pictures
Cram - Reduce Pictures
Cram - Reduce Pictures

Review Cram - Reduce Pictures

Tariq Abdulla
Interesting functionality, minimalist design
Full version is paid
Cram for Android is an easy way to compress photos stored on your device. You get 300 "Crams" for free, and can get unlimited crams for a few dollars. There are 3 compression levels to choose from. Image quality still looks perfectly fine on your phone, but on the other hand the memory savings you make for each photo are also sorta marginal.
For myself, I tend to move photos off my device occasionally when I'm running out of space. In fact, I get them automatically backed up to Dropbox, so I can just them all off my phone. However, I can appreciate that many people like keeping some older pics on their device, and this app would be perfect for them. My mum would benefit from having this compress through her whole gallery. 300 pictures would probably cover her.
You can choose whether to delete your old photos or not, so you can test it first or use it to compress photos before emailing them. You can also set this to reduce photos as soon as you take them. Obviously it would make more sense to turn your camera resolution down. I prefer to keep a copy of full res photos in case l ever want to print a huge copy; although deep down I realize that’s a bit pointless (you only ever do that with one or two photos).
This is app should be really handy for those who want to back up their photos in full res, but still keep low res versions of their favourites on their gismo to look at anytime.

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Usefulness 9/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 9/10
Design 9/10
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