Hydro Coach - drink water
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Hydro Coach - drink water
Hydro Coach - drink water
Hydro Coach - drink water
Hydro Coach - drink water
Hydro Coach - drink water
Hydro Coach - drink water
Hydro Coach - drink water

Review Hydro Coach - drink water

Brandon Girod
Beautiful design, using the app very simple, the reminders are subtle
Lacks the ability to set your own water consumption
Most people who already drink a healthy amount of water each day don’t really need a reminder to drink it. Hydro Coach for Android is an app intended to help make sure you’re getting enough water throughout the day. It takes you through a simple setup process and at the end of it, it recommends you a certain amount of water to drink every day and sets you up on a water schedule.
As someone who already drinks more than enough water every day, it was mainly a way for me to actually measure how much water I drink on any given day. That said, I think this app does a really good job of helping you maintain your schedule.
Mine set me up with about 51 oz of water a day, and reminded me to drink 12 oz roughly every two hours. Sometimes I’m not in a position to drink on the schedule, and when I miss when I’m supposed to go grab a bottle, it’ll send me a notification in my notification bar, which is helpful.
It also does a really good job at keeping a clean and intuitive UI that makes the whole process seem pretty much seamless. You can set up a certain amount of water you drink constantly, which is good for people like me because I drink pretty much just from 16 oz water bottles. It can get a bit awkward when you go to a restaurant and don’t know exactly how much water you’re drinking, but that’s to no fault of the app.
I think it’s great that the devs behind Hydro Coach have created such an easy way for people to get into drinking water. It’s really intuitive to use, but not pushy like most apps seem to be.

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Usefulness 9/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 9/10
Design 9/10
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