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Funky Lights
Funky Lights
Funky Lights
Funky Lights
Funky Lights
Funky Lights
Funky Lights
Funky Lights

Review Funky Lights

Brandon Girod
Each level is incredibly quick to play through, the game is designed from the ground up to be quick, there are no ads present
None of the mechanics are explained
Unique puzzle games are quickly becoming my favorite type of games on mobile platforms. As long as games can keep coming up with interesting mechanics and puzzles for me to solve, I’ll keep solving them. Funky Lights for Android is a game that has your solving puzzles by shining lights on certain objectives by using light through pipes.
What I love about this game is that it’s not a puzzle game that’s trying to bog you down by thinking through several steps ahead of yourself. Instead, if gives you a situation and expects you to react to it and solve it quickly. Perhaps the greatest thing is that there is no time limit to create any sense of panic.
The game has a face pace, but that’s not because it forces you to think like that. It’s just that the game is totally designed to get through things as fast as possible. For instance, it doesn’t stick you at a title screen when you first jump in. Instead it puts you directly at the level select screen. It also doesn’t waste time with scores or other arbitrary performance measurements.
It honestly seems like a game that speed runners would love to play through because playing is all this game is about.
I think Funky Lights is one of the best puzzle games to come out recently. It sets an interesting premise and gets out of your way so you can play the game that they’ve spent so much time perfecting.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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