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Box Invaders
Box Invaders
Box Invaders
Box Invaders
Box Invaders
Box Invaders
Box Invaders
Box Invaders

Review Box Invaders

Brandon Girod
Offers a fresh, new perspective on endless runners, features dynamic levels
A lot of the game's mechanics aren't explained, leaves too many aspects of the game to trial and error
The concept of the endless runner is finally starting to evolve. No more are we just running in straight lines while jumping over things or turning. Developers are starting to become more clever with their presentation, and it’s opening up new gameplay mechanics for the genre. Box Invaders for Android is one of those games that is trying to push the genre in new directions.
Let’s start with the gameplay perspective. Everything in this game is very polygonal, and you're actually watching your character from a skewed side-scrolling perspective. He walks along a path and there are obstacles and aliens tharare in the way. You can choose to either jump over these, sometimes unsuccessfully, or simply rotate the line you’re walking on. Both decisions have a chance to not work out in the way you’d expect them to.
What I found interesting about the gameplay was how the path would morph in certain situations. Sometimes a few of the tiles would spontaneously lift up, and you’d have to suddenly jump from on to the other. Other times a rocket would come from the side and completely take one tile out, forcing you to jump or die.
I’ve played another game recently that uses the same gameplay mechanics, but from a completely different perspective, and I enjoyed that one too. It makes me wish more developers would take some of these dried up ideas and breath some life into them.
Box Invaders is a great game that can be played for hours or simply enjoyed one run at a time. The graphics are really good, the gameplay is fun and keeps you on your toes, and the controls are tightened perfectly.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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