Haluci - Bounce Bounce Jump
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Haluci - Bounce Bounce Jump
Haluci - Bounce Bounce Jump
Haluci - Bounce Bounce Jump
Haluci - Bounce Bounce Jump
Haluci - Bounce Bounce Jump
Haluci - Bounce Bounce Jump
Haluci - Bounce Bounce Jump
Haluci - Bounce Bounce Jump

Review Haluci - Bounce Bounce Jump

Brandon Girod
Has responsive and tight controls, more forgiving than similar games
Doesn't take the chance to innovate the formula, doesn't have an art design with wide appeal
Games like Doodle Jump really epitomized the gaming scene for mobile platforms back in the day on the original iPhone. It’s been a while since we’ve some some games that kind of get back to the basics, but that’s exactly what Haluci - Bounce Bounce Jump for Android does. Rather than jumping up platforms and avoiding aliens, you’re trying to fall gracefully from platform to platform.
So I’m not going to try and say this game is totally unique or anything close. In its essence, it’s like Doodle Jump in reverse. You still use your phone’s accelerometer to guide your character down the platforms by tilting your device. There are enemies you need to avoid, and the platforms act very similar, though they are a little more forgiving.
That is the basic game in a nutshell. The game responds well to the controls, and the graphics and performance are all great. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t really do much to innovate or improve the experience. It literally feels like the same game you played back in like 2008.
I did find this game to be much more forgiving, which gives me the idea that it’s definitely aimed towards a younger audience. Every time you play a game, you’re given an extra t-shirt which acts like another life. You can even pick these up as you go through the level or purchase them with coins you pick up as you play.
Haluci - Bounce Bounce Jump is definitely a fun game, don’t get me wrong. It’s very competent and does what its spiritual predecessor does very well. It’ll be cool for new players to jump into, but people who’ve been with us from the beginning will feel like they’ve already played this game before.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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