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Beat Hazard Ultra
Beat Hazard Ultra
Beat Hazard Ultra
Beat Hazard Ultra
Beat Hazard Ultra
Beat Hazard Ultra
Beat Hazard Ultra

Review Beat Hazard Ultra

Sergei Petrov
Beat Hazard Ultra - SuperDynamic this game, which came to the Android platform with desktop operating systems. The game is a very bright and beautiful space shooter with an interesting twist: all the action takes place on the screen to the beat of your music.
Developed by Game Beat Hazard Ultra, and this is their only, for the moment, the project for Android, but we hope that there will be, as the developers are very promising. It should be said at once that with so many bright flashes and effects, the game is contraindicated epileptics, because here they just had a stroke.


In their specificity with the air shooter game like AirAttack HD and iFighter 1945 , with the only difference that we could come to nothing attached, and can absolutely fly in all directions.
The idea of ​​the game is very simple. First you chose a melody begins to play very softly, as gunfire and explosions in the game look dull and unattractive. After killing some enemies start to appear on the map coin, which increase the volume. As soon as there is an increase, the game begins to add new bright colors, and gunfire and explosions begin to sparkle unusual effects. The higher the volume, the greater the effect, and is closer to achieve a maximum on the screen is present, the color show, from which it is simply impossible to break away.

Features Beat Hazard Ultra for Android:

  • The first musical game style shooter;
  • The incredible beauty of color effects;
  • Automatic generation of levels based on your music;
  • Two types of control (1 stick and avtopritselivanie for beginners and two stick for professionals);
  • Multiple game modes;
  • A large number of enemies and different bosses.
Fortunately, this is only one side of the game, because Beat Hazard Ultra - it's also a very good shooter with lots of levels, which are automatically generated based on the selected songs. The game is full of different amplifiers, benefits, opportunities, pumping, and more.
If for some reason you did not find your device good dynamic songs, it does not matter, because the game will offer its composition, or will allow you to turn the radio to a suitable invigorating music.
Summary. Beat Hazard Ultra - it's just an amazing phenomenon and unusual game in the genre of "air shooter," which certainly will appeal to all fans of dynamic music and colorful color effects. You can download the game for free as Demo-version and buy for 74 rubles (this is the case when the game is worth every ruble).

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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