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Polygon Run
Polygon Run
Polygon Run
Polygon Run
Polygon Run
Polygon Run
Polygon Run
Polygon Run
Polygon Run

Review Polygon Run

Tariq Abdulla
Decent animation, interesting graphics, well-balanced difficulty, every level brings something new, two-finger controls
No significant shortcomings
Polygon Run for Android is an endless runner with a cubist neon theme. You frantically shift a little dot left and right to avoid cubes, pyramids and other 3D shapes. The colors shift through red, green and blue; all in glowy neon. Kind of a Tron feeling. The dot shifts quickly, and it needs to; as there's a long way to get across the whole track. You need to go back and forth between the opposite sides quite a lot, along narrow tracks and sharp angles.
After a while, you'll get far enough to level up from easy to hard. Then you'll always start again from that point; until you reach the next difficulty level. It gets more difficult as the track starts rolling faster. There are blocks suspended in the air to obscure your view. You have to pay attention to whether objects are on the track, or just floating above it in the air. It's all very cool and absorbing.
I enjoyed the clean simplicity of the game, and the well balanced difficulty. But it doesn't really do much else, and remains an idle timekiller. A little bit of story would have gone a long way. Polygon Run will keep the you on the edge of your thumbs for a while though. And the free version is fully playable, with only a smattering of ads.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
Brandon Girod
Great art design and aesthetic, flawless performance, difficulty scales in an intuitive manner
There are only 5 levels of difficulty, could use more variation in obstacles
I’ve recently ran into a bunch of more abstract endless runners that I began to grow pretty fond of, and Polygon Run for Android is one of them. It’s a game that takes neon colors that contrast against the black background as well as swiveling camera angles and increasing speed to give you a fun and fast-paced experience.
As you might have guess from the name, everything in this game is very polygonal and that, combined with the games color contrasts, really gives the game a unique presentation. Even over games that look similar. You’ll notice when you start your first run that the camera will slowly and casually kind of pan around behind you a bit offering you a cool view and throwing a small quirk at you to try and mess you up.
The game consists of about 5 difficulties, and they’re all paced really well. The first level is perhaps too easy, but it does serve as a really good tutorial so you can learn how the controls respond and start learning the shape of the objects the game will be throwing at you.
When you complete one level you graduate onto the next automatically. Each level gets progressively faster and the camera starts to pan more and more. By the third difficulty, I was having a pretty rough time making much progress.
Polygon Run is part of a series of great games that take the concept endless runners introduced and running with it. The gameplay is really fun, I love the artwork, and it’s fun to go back and play just for the heck of it.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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