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Review Predators

Sergei Petrov
Predators - is a fun action game, in which we will be playing for the Predator from the famous film of the same name that needs no introduction. Our arms will be sharp claws, powerful plasma weapons, invisibility, thermal vision, and other alien gadgets that can help us in the hunt.
Developing a game company does Fox Digital Entertainment, a division studio 20th Century Fox. Prior to this, from the hands of Fox Digital already came out a few simple applications, so that the ability to create action-packed game, we were skeptical, but it turned out that things are not so bad.


Our main task in Predators - is to kill large groups of people who were in our territory. All the main characters in some way repeat appearance characters of the original film of 2010 year.
Control of the game pretty standard: the left side of the stick is to move, and the right side to place a button for strikes, switch weapons and special receptions. Unfortunately, the game boasts a whole story, but there is a large set of interesting single-player missions, each of which we will have to learn a new, more refined method of killing.
Predators that the developers got the best, is the presence of special techniques, gadgets and combo attacks. The first hour of the game we will have to learn new combos, which has turned into a lot that even have to climb up to help, to remember how to hold them. For example, the enemy can be pinned on a bayonet, and tear his head off, or to make a sharp blow, and cut in half. In addition, no one bothers to go into stealth and sneak up behind or just to make an attack from a distance, using plasma weapons.

Features Predators for Android:

  • A lot of interesting missions;
  • High-quality graphics and company soundtrack;
  • Possibility of leveling weapons and skills;
  • Diverse and intelligent enemies;
  • A huge number of combos;
  • Best Gadgets predator (invisibility, thermal vision, plasma cannon).
Overall, the game can not be called great, but not a bad thing. It is a strong srednyachok, which you can easily play a few hours, and still did not get tired of the process due to the high dynamics and a large variety of ways to murder.
Summary. Predators - this is a great stealth action game that will appeal to all fans of the movie and just like games. Unfortunately, the game can download only a fee, for 93 rubles. No Demo-version, the developers have not provided.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 8/10
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