PaperBoy - Offline News Reader
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PaperBoy - Offline News Reader
PaperBoy - Offline News Reader
PaperBoy - Offline News Reader
PaperBoy - Offline News Reader
PaperBoy - Offline News Reader
PaperBoy - Offline News Reader
PaperBoy - Offline News Reader
PaperBoy - Offline News Reader

Review PaperBoy - Offline News Reader

Brandon Girod
Beautiful design, easy to use ui, makes subscribing to an rss feed a breeze
Media is slow to load
I get most of my news off of Reddit these days, but the problem I often run into is that the news posted to Reddit is often curated to their bias, whatever that is depends on the subreddit, of course. That’s why it’s important to still carry around some type of RSS reader on your phone. Paperboy for Android is a beautiful RSS reader that allows you to read items offline, syncs with Feedly pro, and is easily able to instantly find any RSS feed you want.
RSS readers have been famously attractive ever since Flipboard came to Android, and this one is no different. The UI is really beautiful, and very photo-centric. The color scheme is dark, and has a teal at the top that I really appreciate, but as far as I could tell, I wasn’t able to find any way to customize the look.
The font is a good size, and it’s easy to read. It follows Googles material design them, and while you’re reading there is a universal button that will allow you to do things like add the article to pocket, share it, open in browser, summarize it, and a few other options.
There are a couple of ways you can choose to view your news. Your home has a stories section which features everything in boxes and is filtered by site. You can swipe over to view your folders, which is a general list of categories you list and create yourself. Clicking a folder gives you a beautiful presentation of the stories you can read from the sites you put in that folder.
My biggest complaint about the app is that media takes a really long time to load. Sometimes it takes minutes, and this isn’t because of network connection either.
Overall, Paperboy is a great product, but it kind of leaves me scratching my head. If Feedly Pro features are available here and you can import your RSS feeds from there. Why have this app at all? Feedly is still here after all.

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- Developer (paperboy)
- Developer (paperboy)30 Jan 2015, at 07:28
Thanks for the review Brandon . The theme in fact customizable  .. By default it will automatically switch to dark if its night.  The biggest difference between this app and feedly one is that this is completely offline . Its useful when u are on the move or have flacky network connection . 
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