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Vektor 1.0
Vektor 1.0
Vektor 1.0
Vektor 1.0
Vektor 1.0
Vektor 1.0
Vektor 1.0

Review Vektor 1.0

Brandon Girod
Run retro graphics, easy controls
Sometimes the controls can feel too loose, the amount of traffic can be impossible to bypass
Vektor 1.0 for Android is a face-paced endless runner. The art style of the game reminds me a lot of Tron because there is a lot of black and neon blues. The core of the game’s design is focused on avoiding traffic as you bob and weave through the highway on your motorcycle, occasionally running into enemies that you’ll have to take care of before they take care of you.
The first time you boot up the game, you might think someone is trying to hack into your device. Well, at least if you believe Hollywood. It’s basically this really cool lo-fi screen static, and the menu itself reminds me of an old TV in the way that you’ve got horizontal lines that just seem to swim up the screen.
The gameplay itself is fun and hectic. When you first start off, the amount of traffic is limited and there are no enemies trying to kill you. Pretty soon you’ll find your first mercenary trying to knock you off your bike. You’ve got two buttons that allow you to attack on either side of you, so you can effectively beat them away. After fighting off a few enemies you’ll find yourself focusing more on avoiding traffic than the enemies because you’ll have to follow a very specific path in order to get through the traffic without taking damage.
Vektor 1.0 is a pretty entertaining that has great graphics. They’re not going to blow you away, but they definitely bring me back to the Nintendo 64 when everything was in 3D, but very blocky. Almost a 3D bitmap look to it. It’s a fun game, even though the controls are a little loose, it’s done on purpose.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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