Blood Brothers 2
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Blood Brothers 2
Blood Brothers 2
Blood Brothers 2
Blood Brothers 2
Blood Brothers 2
Blood Brothers 2
Blood Brothers 2
Blood Brothers 2

Review Blood Brothers 2

Ollie Green
Perfect soundtrack, neat graphics, interesting plot, unusual game play
In-app purchases
Blood Brothers 2 for Android is an RPG battle game that features a very unique set of gameplay. Whilst it may not offer the RPG elements some players crave, it's originality helps it to stand apart from any other app on the app store.
In this game, you must move counters on a mission screen to initiate attacks on other counters and capture territory. Once you come into contact with another counter, the mission screen will open, and the attack phase will begin. In the attack phase, players will be able to set down three sets of troops to fight against the other army.
The game features an interesting fighting triangle in a similar fashion to rock, paper, scissors, although a lot more dangerous. Horse troops do extra damage to fighters, fighters do more damage to archers, and archers do more damage to horses. Players will need to strategically place the right troop types in the same lane as their opponent to make the most of the fighting triangle.
The RPG aspect of this game comes into play as you start to win more fights. Your current army layout will be upgrade-able, and you will be able to level up the leaders of each set of troop you own. Players who enjoy the strategy side of things more than the RPG elements will get the most fun out of this game. Leveling up does not involve questing, but instead relies on player strategy and tactics. If the gameplay isn't enough, players will appreciate the detailed art style and game interface, as well as the in-game sound effects and music.
Blood Brothers 2 is free to play, but there are a wide range of game changing in-app purchases that players may feel a little frustrated about.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 10/10
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Is this app not available for the kindle fire?
Tariq Abdulla
It's not available through the Amazon app store, however you can install it from Play store if you root your kindle, or you can also install it from other locations by searching for Blood Brother 2 apk
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