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Everlove: Rose
Everlove: Rose
Everlove: Rose
Everlove: Rose
Everlove: Rose
Everlove: Rose
Everlove: Rose
Everlove: Rose
Everlove: Rose

Review Everlove: Rose

Tariq Abdulla
Interesting puzzle, neat graphics, interesting plot
The game is not on the entire screen, too many dialogs
Everlove: Rose for Android is a tap and read storybook adventure that manages to include every single female romance stereotype in the first few minutes. So the story goes that your this “down with love” sort of professional lady, who lives in present day New York (where else?) While discussing your narcissistic relationship problems with your psychologist, she tells you to close your eyes. You find yourself transported back to a medieval storyscape; replete with hunky knights in low-cut shirts.
Of course, who should meet in this magical time and place, but your psychologist, now playing a medieval doctor. Only her hair is a different colour. You can make some choices in how you respond to people; whether you want to be all-out kind or downright sassy, and psychologist keeps track of how your personality is developing. There are some interactive elements like hidden-object type games; to break up the predictable story a little bit.
Of course we all know how this one is going to end. You’re going to be whisked off by a knight on a white horse. Then you’re going to wake up to your psychologist calling your name “Rose, Rose, Rose...” to tell you it’s the end of your session. Then, just as you are leaving, you’ll bump into the knight (or prince or whatever); right there in present day New York. We’ll be left to assume that you live happily ever after. If you don’t mind the tacky story, and you need a bit of magic, you could play this story a bit to take your mind off things. Who knows, maybe you’ll even bump into your hunk in real life?

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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