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Nova Spin
Nova Spin
Nova Spin
Nova Spin
Nova Spin
Nova Spin
Nova Spin
Nova Spin

Review Nova Spin

Brandon Girod
Simple controls, fun gameplay mechanics, awesome visuals
Has no progression system
Trippy games are pretty common on mobile platforms. While Nova Spin for Android isn’t the trippiest, it’s certainly one of the best. You’ve got to balls and a line that goes between them. Think of this line as a portal. You’re trying your best to rotate the portal so that all of the symmetrical orb patterns will pass through.
So, the controls in this game are really easy to grasp. You can rotate the portal in a direction by simply tapping the direction you want it to rotate in. Like I said before, you want to make sure that the orbs pass through the line, which acts like a portal. If any of the orbs touches the balls that hold the portal, then you lose and you’ll have two choices: you can start over or watch an ad and start from a checkpoint.
The game’s pacing was really great, and I didn’t think it was too difficult in the beginning, but things quickly got pretty crazy. The first few levels consist of symmetrical patterns that really just let you get through a few of the control scheme. The way the portal rotates is a little odd at first.
Soon you’ll be twisting and turning the portal all over the place in order to avoid all of the orbs coming at you. It becomes really fun in the later stages.
Nova Spin is a great little game that always gives you a sense of accomplishment after each level. It has responsive controls and gameplay that is not only enjoyable to play, but also watch.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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