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Hola Launcher
Hola Launcher
Hola Launcher
Hola Launcher
Hola Launcher
Hola Launcher
Hola Launcher
Hola Launcher
Hola Launcher

Review Hola Launcher

Brandon Girod
Lightweight and very resource friendly, the stock theme is unintrusive, offers a lot of pre-made themes and customization options
Breaks up your app drawer forcing you to swipe through pages of useless categories, the diy customization options aren't as in-depth as other options
At this point in the game, finding a new launcher is just as easy as finding a penny in a fountain. Good ones are far and few between, though. Hola Launcher for Android is a launcher that is lightweight and fast, but still offers all of the critical features of a competent launcher.
Booting up the launcher for the first time probably won’t surprise you. It looks and feels just like any other launcher I’ve personally tried out on my phone. After using it for a while, I could feel just how fast and responsive the app was, though. This is great for mid or low range users who don’t have the resources to spare.
It also comes packed with some other cool features that sets itself apart from the pack like the T9 App Search, which is basically a search function that operates using a T9 dial pad.
Aside from that, it features all of the functionality you’re used to. Such as: a two finger swipe that reveals hidden options, DIY customization options. Themes, third-party app store, a ram cleaner, and a few other things.
The launcher itself is really fluid, but the overall look just isn’t something that enticed me. I found all of the themes to be pretty tacky, and it doesn’t give you that many customization options on your own compared to something like Nova Launcher.
Hola Launcher is a great launcher for phones that have limited resources. But if you’re on a newer version of Android you’ve probably found that it runs pretty well on lower end devices compared to how it used to treat it.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 8/10
Design 8/10
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arrohi jain
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