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Joy Flight
Joy Flight
Joy Flight
Joy Flight
Joy Flight
Joy Flight
Joy Flight
Joy Flight

Review Joy Flight

Brandon Girod
Features adorable animals, combines endless runner mechanics with top-down shooter mechanics for a compelling experience
It's resource intensive, and makes your phone run hot, the art style definitely won't suit everyone
Joy Flight for Android is a surprising game because of its presentation and gameplay mechanics. It’s an endless top-down shooter with cute, furry animals that you level up and dress up in an effort to eat as much fruit as possible, and it’s really fun.
We can go ahead and get the game’s intended audience out of the way because let’s be honest, most guys aren’t going to be caught dead with this game installed on their phones. And that’s kind of a shame because the gameplay is really intriguing.
It plays out a lot like most top-down shooters do. Your animal shoots non-stop so you only have to focus on shooting down aliens and avoid getting hit. It has a sort of ‘endless’ aspect to it as well. You always start on level one on every play through, but you advance by keeping your health bar alive in strong. This is done by collecting fruit to eat. Over time, your health will naturally drop, so collecting the fruit is paramount to expanding your play time.
You can also upgrade your animal as well, though. Upgrading its health will obviously allow you to fight for longer periods of time. Your attack can be upgraded to help take down bosses and other enemies faster, as well.
There are a few enemy types that do different things, but if we’re being honest, most of the enemies are kind of brainless and there are almost no projectiles you have to worry about dodging. So the game’s difficulty is pretty low.
Performance is also pretty intense. While I was playing my phone was almost too hot too comfortably touch at times.
Joy Flight is a fun game to play overall, though. It’ll keep kids interested if not because of the adorable animals it features, then because of the gameplay that’s always inviting you back for more.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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