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Mighty Smighties
Mighty Smighties
Mighty Smighties
Mighty Smighties
Mighty Smighties
Mighty Smighties
Mighty Smighties
Mighty Smighties
Mighty Smighties
Mighty Smighties

Review Mighty Smighties

Tariq Abdulla
Funny sounds, decent graphics, lots of levels, interesting game play
In-app purchases
Mighty Smighties for Android is a pretty much run of the mill turn-by-turn card game. There are 5 different colors that cards can be. Each colour corresponds to an “element” (water, air, earth, light…); and beats two other colors. Cards also have a power level (for those moments when both players put down cards of the same color). You can upgrade cards by combining and then evolving them. You win cards by playing the game; and of course you can also buy packs of cards, or single cards with the 2 different in game currencies. You can earn silver coins through a little mini matching game; itself a fast-paced and worthy time waster.
There’s a side to Mighty Smighties which is more about collecting different cards. Each card has an animated character on it, and they are all numbered; so in theory it would be possible to collect them all. There’s even a “sticker book” to view your collection. I can’t imagine that this would be as appealing as collecting real cards or stickers; but if groups of kids get hooked on the game it could be quite habit-forming.
The game is fun enough; there are animations for the different element types winning (one character floods the other with water, or turns their lights out). You can play in quest mode, against random online opponents or against your friends from Facebook. I just think it might get a bit dull. There’s no skill involved in terms of what color you play, and there isn’t much incentive to level up your cards; as color trumps everything else.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
Brandon Girod
Solid gameplay mechanics, fun aesthetic for a younger crowd, lots of cards to unlock
The game relies to heavily on random results, freemium features limit your gameplay time
It’s rare that you find a game for kids that you might not think is so bad to play yourself. Finding something that is able to balance entertainment for kids and adults alike is somewhat difficult, but I think Might Smithties for Android was able to succeed in finding a good balance.
So what exactly did it do right? I think he first thing is the aesthetic. Now, this is probably going to be the first thing to throw off any adult playing. It’s full of these bubbly characters that are super colorful. But if you can see past that, you’ll find something you could enjoy playing with your son or daughter.
Compared to games with similar mechanics, but meant for an older crowd, this game did little to limit it. You have a hand of cards that have elemental attributes. There is a rock-paper-scissors aspect to the game that trumps everything else, but if you and your opponent happen to match two cards of the same color, it will come down to the number associated with the card.
Now, this might be one of my biggest gripes. The game doesn’t let you see what your opponent’s card will be, so every card you play is a guess. The quest mode in the game rates you pretty harshly on this fact because in order to achieve a perfect score on a level, you can’t have a single card beaten.
Winning consists of winning with either three of the same elements or three unique elements. So your score basically comes down to luck, and it can get really frustrating when your opponent always gets that one card out it needs to beat you.
Mighty Smighties is a good game, nonetheless. The attack animations could be sped up a bit, or done away with all together, but battles are pretty short anyway. There are a few freemium features built into the game, but they don’t necessarily distract from your experience.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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