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Review Jellyflop

Sergei Petrov
Jellyflop - is another representative of interesting and unusual physical puzzles for Android-devices. We have to help the little jellyfish to get to the gold feather, which will give the opportunity to fly and avoid the hungry shark. In addition to sharks, against us will also act as a crab, frog, Infernal and many other creatures.
Engaged in developing a game studio Concrete Software, specializing in puzzles and simple arcade. Jellyflop itself can be attributed both to the puzzle, and the puzzle. Something she also recalled the game - Amazing Alex from studio Rovio.


The essence of the game is that we have to build on the map the maximum number of life-giving drops and take the coveted feather, after which the level will be passed.
As the main tool we will be using a pink liquid that is able to make a strong and flexible form. Paint with liquid, we can only straight lines, and then in limited quantities. Also, if desired, the line can be removed by double-clicking on it.
Each level consists of a preparatory stage, when we draw a reference line with a finger, and the stage of the test, when we press the start button and watch as our jellyfish rolls, jumps and turns the laws of physics.

Features Jellyflop for Android:

  • A charming hand-drawn graphics and animation;
  • 5 different zones and more exciting levels;
  • The unique physics and the idea of ​​the game;
  • Many options for passing any mission;
  • Change the appearance of the jellyfish and make interesting achievements.
To add variety to the gameplay, from time to time on various maps will meet fans, teleports, spikes and a lot of other things, and make their adjustment to our plan.
Jellyflop puzzle has a fairly high level of difficulty, and is designed for players of perseverance, as the first attempt to pass the level is unlikely to succeed and have a few calls to pick up the correct position for the pink stripes. A convenient bonus is that the playing field is marked all the past trajectory of jellyfish, which greatly simplifies geimpley.


Jellyflop - this is a very high quality and addictive puzzle game for Android, which will appeal to all lovers of puzzles and challenging designers. The game is distributed free of charge with built-in banner ads.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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