Myths of the World: Healer
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Myths of the World: Healer
Myths of the World: Healer
Myths of the World: Healer
Myths of the World: Healer
Myths of the World: Healer
Myths of the World: Healer
Myths of the World: Healer
Myths of the World: Healer
Myths of the World: Healer
Myths of the World: Healer
Myths of the World: Healer
Myths of the World: Healer
Myths of the World: Healer
Myths of the World: Healer
Myths of the World: Healer
Myths of the World: Healer

Review Myths of the World: Healer

Jay Feldman
Quality graphics, interesting plot, one-finger controls
Too easy, very common, bores you really quickly
Myths of the World: Healer for Android is a tried and true hidden objects app with escape the room sort of elements. The play is decent but offers no real innovation. Follow a murder mystery plot and uncover hidden treasures that can help you along the way. This one is likely best reserved for diehards of the genre.
Myths of the World: Healer reveals a fairly pat hidden objects game that feels as dull and tired as it plays. As per usual, someone has been murdered and you're the one charged with unearthing the mystery that lay beneath. To do that, you're presented with a series of single screen scenes to view. Sometimes there's a character to speak to, offering additional clues and plot points, while other times, you're just scanning a room of objects and fining them off a list. There are hints if you get stuck, but basically, if you find a hammer, you'll probably need it to smash something in that scene or the next. In the theater, they call this telegraphing; if there's a prop onstage, then surely it will be used for something, or it wouldn't be there to begin with. There's also a modest collection of mini games to be played, usually with mild puzzling elements to conquer. The play is decent, and that's about as enthusiastic as I can get about this one.
The controls use screen taps to find objects and make basic selections, so nothing complicated there. The graphics are actually the app's best element, featuring nice details, a dramatic color palate and intriguing visuals that invite search and discovery. The animation is near nonexistent, offering very modest sparkle effects when objects are found, along with motion tracking on still images.
Myths of the World: Healer is sure to be loved by diehard fans of the genre, however, it leaves much to be desired for the rest of us.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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