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Review Roboto

Brandon Girod
Intricate level design, responsive and easy to use controls, doesn't bog you down with ads or in-game purchases
The level design can get a little out of hand, the game's menu system could be more intuitive
It’s really rare that I find a mobile game that is difficult without having the odds stacked against me. Most free-to-play games simply ramp up the numbers to make enemies bullet sponges, or whatever is contextually equivalent, and forces you to grind or buy your way to victory. Roboto for Android just gives you a frustratingly difficult level and a short time span to complete it.
What I think I loved the most about this game was the fact that I actually stood around for a few seconds waiting for some trivial text box to pop up informing me that the same controls that work universally across every video game also works here. Nope. Instead, I just stood there looking like an idiot. But once I started going I died almost instantly. Maybe you do sometimes need at least, like, a picture telling you what’s good and what’s bad.
But seriously, the game is pretty simple. You can shoot bad guys or jump on top of them Mario style. Shooting them is obviously the easy way to go, but it costs ammo, and your ammo is severely limited. So limited, they can’t even afford to reload your gun after you die.
The level design is actually a little confusing, and that’s partly because they will intentionally make you stop to scratch your head. For instance, at the end of the second or third level, I walked clean off a ledge at the end because I simply assumed that’s where the exit was. No, instead you get a death cliff and a sign pointing you in the direction you just came from because the door is actually behind you.
Other times I just got a little motion sickness because the game will constantly have you traversing the level upside down.
The game does fall on its face a bit, though. The menu, for instance, is really weird to navigate. When you’re looking through the various upgrades you can purchase, you have to actually swipe in a completely obscure part of the screen to avoid having the game close out of the menu as you're looking at it
Roboto is really cool in the gameplay department, but lacks that high production polish you might expect it to have. I did have a lot of fun with the game, but I was also left frustrated by some of the level design.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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