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Gunslugs 2
Gunslugs 2
Gunslugs 2
Gunslugs 2
Gunslugs 2
Gunslugs 2
Gunslugs 2
Gunslugs 2
Gunslugs 2

Review Gunslugs 2

Ollie Green
Perfect soundtrack, neat graphics, lots of levels, interesting plot, responsive game play
No significant shortcomings
Orange Pixels have returned with Gunslugs 2 for Android, and it is absolutely stunning. This game is a retro style 8-bit arcade game, but don't let the word 'arcade' fool you. This game is filled with more content than many full games, and you'll easily get a good few hours out of it.
When you first start this game, you'll be given a little intro into the background story of the game, which has been infused perfectly into the gameplay. The story and lore is intertwined into everything you do. For example, visiting the options menu can be done by directing a character to the 'options room' on the main menu.
The concept of this game is fairly straight forward - on each level you must attempt to destroy a number of towers. It is a 2D platformer game so you will be doing a lot of running and jumping, but there is also a lot of fast paced firing to deal with as well. For around 90% of each level your hand will be held down on the fire button, and that's because there is just a constant supply of enemies, objects and boxes to destroy.
Each level will have a selection of mini bosses that must be destroyed, and occasionally you will come across full sized bosses as well. You can also collect coins from dropped enemies and spend those coins in shops found within each level. Shops provide players with power-ups or limited upgrades.
There's literally not a bad word I could say about Gunslugs 2 - the graphics are beautifully presented, the 8-bit style sound effects and background music is on-point, and the gameplay is never dull. The game does cost $2.49, but it's lack of advertisements and in-app purchases make the price more than worthwhile.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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