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Second Warfare
Second Warfare
Second Warfare
Second Warfare
Second Warfare
Second Warfare

Review Second Warfare

Jay Feldman
Interesting plot, decent game play, two-finger controls
Uses a lot of system resources, challenging controls, mediocre graphics
Second Warfare for Android is a highly challenging combat game that takes place in unusual cavernous locales. Kill all the terrorists before they kill you first. This one goes for realism with the visuals and shows far more promise than it currently delivers upon.
Second Warfare presents in landscape from a first person's point of view, as seen through your character's eyes. Your mission is simple: kill or be killed. The environment is a bit of a mish-mash of oddities, featuring towering mushrooms and strange glowing geometric shapes, oh, and some bad ass terrorists you gotta shoot dead on sight. Pick up guns, collect ammo, run through this awkward terrain and blast anything that moves. This one requires strategy and skill to master, and you may just lose patience with it all before you get past the first level.
The controls use an invisible d-pad on your lower left for movement, along with one on the lower right for aiming your weaponry. There's also a lone jump button and a few additional buttons on the lower right, and figuring out how to use everything in tandem is where this game falls apart. The controls are awkward and clumsy at best. The graphics go for realism, and look decent for the most part, however, everything is still quite crude and blocky looking and needs more time in the incubator. The animation dances between decent and crude, and leaves a little to be desired. The music is ethereal and meditative, which is a weird choice for a kill or be killed combat game.
Second Warfare is basically a hot mess. This one needs a lot more work in all departments.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 5/10
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