Galaxy Defense 2: Transformers
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Galaxy Defense 2: Transformers
Galaxy Defense 2: Transformers
Galaxy Defense 2: Transformers
Galaxy Defense 2: Transformers
Galaxy Defense 2: Transformers
Galaxy Defense 2: Transformers

Review Galaxy Defense 2: Transformers

Brandon Girod
Lots of towers, good gameplay mechanics
Low resolution graphics, each stage is 15 painstaking waves long
Let’s be honest with ourselves, Galaxy Defense 2: Transformers is just about everything you expect it to be based off name alone, and no, it doesn’t have real Transformers.
It’s funny, I just finished reviewing a really good tower defense game, and this was the next one I picked up, which just goes to highlight how different games can be while being in the same genre.
Let’s start with the shallow things. The game’s graphics are low resolution and generic at best. The sound is really tinny, and the music is just awful. The first time I heard one of my turrets shooting, I wasn’t even sure that’s what I was hearing.
The level design is also pretty uninspired. The paths are really simple, and there is no dedicated place to put your ‘transformers’. It kind of takes me back to older tower defense games, but then you realize how finicky the game is about where you can place the towers, even though you should technically be able to place them just about anywhere.
Each level has 15 painstaking levels, and the towers all seem to do simple variations of the same thing, minus the freezing turret.
That said, there are several turrets you can build even though they don’t really matter that much. Every turret is upgradable, but the upgrades scale exponentially after the first upgrade.
Galaxy Defense 2: Tranformers is a shallow tower defense game. It has all the inkling of a real TD game, but none of what makes the genre so good.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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