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ai.type keyboard Free + Emoji
ai.type keyboard Free + Emoji
ai.type keyboard Free + Emoji
ai.type keyboard Free + Emoji
ai.type keyboard Free + Emoji
ai.type keyboard Free + Emoji
ai.type keyboard Free + Emoji
ai.type keyboard Free + Emoji

Review ai.type keyboard Free + Emoji

Brandon Girod
Tons of customization options, you can build your own theme from the ground up
The keyboard seems cluttered, the prediction is just weird
If there is one type of app Android has always had enough of, it was keyboard replacements. That’s not necessarily to say that the Play Store is totally flooded with them, but the ones that already exist are really good. Ai.type for Android is a contender that has been in the game for a long time, but isn’t quite as popular as ones like Swype and SwiftKey.
This keyboard is all about extreme customization and psychic prediction. It comes with its own theme market, which isn’t totally unheard of, but has way more options to choose from. The customization doesn’t just end with the themes, however. You can pretty much create your own keyboard from the ground up like the way it looks, the buttons that line the bottom row, and even shortcuts. That’s not including all of the prediction features.
Just like most keyboards nowadays, you’ve also got the ability to use gesture typing, so you can just swipe to connect letters together into words, which makes one-handed texting very simple.
My biggest complaint is in the prediction department. For me, it just makes a lot of predictions that don’t make sense. For instance, I’ll start to type a word three letters in and it will try to predict a word that doesn’t include the third letter and makes no contextual sense. I also found the majority of the themes to be pretty tacky.
Ai.type is a pretty good keyboard app, I’ll give them that. I just don’t think it has the prediction model quite right. I love all of the customization features, and maybe if they put as much effort into their prediction algorithms then they’d have a real winner here.

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Usefulness 8/10
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Originality 7/10
Design 7/10
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