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Review Warband

Ollie Green
Perfect soundtrack, neat graphics, online multiplayer, lots of levels
In-app purchases
Warband for Android is a strategy based game that features epic team vs team battles. Players can fight through the campaign against AI, or connect to the internet and fight against other players in real time.
In this game, players can choose and train different troop types to build their army. Once troop types have been chosen, they can be added to your army. Armies can then be used to initiate battles against other players, or against AI. When fighting against AI, players will move along a set path of levels that are accompanied by an in-game story.
When it comes to battles, players get to choose where they place down each of their troop types before the battle starts. Once the battle has begun, troops from both sides of the battlefield will charge towards each other. The battle will play out by itself, but players can use a range of different abilities to turn the tides of battle in sticky situations. Because there are different troop types, choosing the right army composition is as important as performing well in battles, and this is where most of the game strategy comes into play.
Once players have played through a battle, they will be rewarded with coins, and each of the surviving units that took part in the battle will receive experience. Leveling up your troop types will make them tougher and capable of performing stronger abilities in future battles, so it's important to keep each troop type alive.
I really like the sound effects and fantasy style background music in Warband, and the graphics are also very impressive, despite being completely 2D. There are in-app purchases in this game, but players can get by without paying fairly easily.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 10/10
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