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God of Arena
God of Arena
God of Arena
God of Arena
God of Arena
God of Arena
God of Arena

Review God of Arena

Ollie Green
Perfect soundtrack, quality graphics, online multiplayer, exciting plot
In-app purchases
In God of Arena for Android, you must train gladiators, equip them with gear and defeat enemies as you fight your way through Ancient Rome. The game features an online clan system and an amazing story line that players can play through.
When you first jump into this game, you will be thrown into an interactive cutscene as the backstory of the game is explained. Players will be introduced to the setting of the game, which is in Ancient Rome, and then the basics of the combat system will be shown. The in-game cutscenes are incredibly detailed when it comes to both graphics and the narrative. It's certainly clear the story of this game is one of the highlights.
After the intro scene, a small walk-through will explain how the game works. You will need to defeat a variety of enemies to move from one city to the next. Within each city you will be given a chance to unlock rare weapons and find new gladiators to add to your squad. As you play further through the game, you will need to carefully plan out each of your gladiators, and equip them with useful abilities and equipment.
The combat in this game is a turn based system that is played out for the player. In each fight scene, players can view their gladiators fight it out against the enemy, or just skip it entirely and view the end results. Because of this easy approach to combat, there isn't really much of a difficulty curve involved until players are much further through the game. However, whilst combat is easy, players can immerse themselves into the story, work on quests and pick up enough currency which can be used later for gearing up their team.
God of Arena is free to play, but there are various convenience related in-app purchases that can help to complete certain in-game tasks faster.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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