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Traffic Buster
Traffic Buster
Traffic Buster
Traffic Buster
Traffic Buster
Traffic Buster

Review Traffic Buster

Ollie Green
Quality soundtrack, addictive game play, unusual game play, simple controls
Features ads
In Traffic Buster for Android, you must attempt to direct traffic through a cross roads to avoid any collisions. Each time a car gets past the cross roads safely, you will be awarded one point, and the game ends when a car collides with another.
In this game, cars will enter the screen from four different roads and they are all aiming to drive through the cross roads onto the other side of the screen. You can control the vehicles by swiping on them to speed them up, or tapping on them to make them break and stop temporarily. As you can imagine, it takes quite a lot of concentration and fast reflexes to ensure that all of the traffic is avoiding collisions.
There are three different modes of difficulty in this game - easy, medium and hard. On easy, there is a relatively small amount of traffic, whilst medium steps it up a little. On hard mode, the amount of traffic on screen at once is in the dozens and it takes a lot of skill to direct all of this traffic. Despite the three difficulty modes offering the same gameplay, they give players completely different experiences. Easy mode is more about patience and smart thinking, whilst hard mode is all about quick reaction speeds. Medium on the other hand offers an experience in between both of these.
The graphics in this game aren't incredible, but I certainly don't think there is much to complain about considering it's such a simple creation. To make up for the not-so great graphics, there is a pretty impressive in-game soundtrack, along with loads of realistic sound effects.
Traffic Buster is free to play, although there is an in-app purchase required to remove the advertisements. Without spending on the IAP, you will have a constant banner ad at the top of your display.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 9/10
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