Backflip Madness
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Backflip Madness
Backflip Madness
Backflip Madness
Backflip Madness
Backflip Madness

Review Backflip Madness

Sergei Petrov
Backflip Madness - this is very unusual and fascinating arcade simulator athlete for Android-devices, and more specifically, the simulator specifically jump back or back flip, as it is called. Despite the fact that the game is built around the same action, to break away from it is impossible.
Game Developed by Gamesoul, specializing in a simple game with elements of physics. In fact, no different Backflip Madness modern graphics and the fact that we used to see in high-end games from Gameloft and GLU. The main feature of the game - it's her geimpley and the feeling that overwhelms the player after the successful jump.

Geimpley and Physics

The entire game is divided into different locations, each of which consists of a set of tests to be held in strict sequence. During one visit, we are given three opportunities to jump. Accordingly, if we spend it on the middle of the location, we'll start from the beginning. Each location is a large room or object (gym, parking, port, etc.).
Control of the game is very simple and takes only one button, which is located in the lower right corner. Once you click on it the first time, our athlete will gradually squat by pressing it a second time, departure bounce third press will lead to grouping (knees to chest) and fourth press - to the unfolding of the whole body.
The whole difficulty lies in the fact that every time we have to find a balance between these stages, which determine the trajectory of the flight and fall of our athletes. With each new job jumping will become more sophisticated, for example, we'll jump with basketball hoop over the barrier to the small fenced square.

Features Backflip Madness for Android:

  • A huge number of locations and assignments;
  • A wide variety of acrobatic feats;
  • Several levels of difficulty;
  • Leveling and evaluation jumps;
  • Full function repeatedly.
The game just draws its naturalness and elegance jumps, which you can not come off, despite the rather mediocre graphics.
Summary. Backflip Madness - really a great arcade game for Android, which will help to escape and enjoy the unusual process of jumps and coups. Free demo version (held for 30-60 minutes) can be downloaded from our website or Google Play, other levels will cost only 45 rubles.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 8/10
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