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Dragon & Dracula
Dragon & Dracula
Dragon & Dracula
Dragon & Dracula
Dragon & Dracula
Dragon & Dracula

Review Dragon & Dracula

Sergei Petrov
Dragon and Dracula - this is an unusual and exciting platform for Android, which we will go all the way with a small dragon, help him grow and overcome nemesis - Count Dracula.
Development of the game is a Russian studio HeroCraft, and, in our minds, this is their first experience in creating a platform for the operating system Android. Prior to this studio is only quests and puzzles, among which we can mention the real masterpieces, as Tiny Bang Theory and the Kingdom .

Geimpley and plot

The game begins with the fact that we enter an unfamiliar place and did not even know who we are and why we are here. The thing is that we - the last dragon of its kind, and all of our relatives killed wicked Count Dracula, horror throughout the wizarding world.
His revenge, we start with the education and training of the final battle. We will train for the next Dracula's henchmen - rats and bats. To kill them, just jump on top of them, just like in the classic Mario.
Management in Dragon & Dracula looks very strange, because there are not used to move the button, as it is usually done in 2D-platformer, and a full stick (circular controller). The benefit of such management is questionable, because the dragon can only move in two directions, and all other provisions of the stick used for inspection level.

Features Dragon and Dracula for Android:

  • Full Russian localization;
  • The three forms of the evolution of the dragon, and customization;
  • 25 levels of unusual, interesting encounter with a bonus and much more;
  • Some fun mini-games skill, logic and reaction time;
  • Finding and collecting rare jewelry;
  • Unusual system improvements.
Another interesting feature of the game - is different bonuses that are available right in the game, when we collect more asterisks in a row. We are given the opportunity to choose one of three randomly-chosen amps, which is applied for a short period of time (from 3 to 30 seconds). This can be accelerated, high jump, super strength, restoring health, etc.


Dragon and Dracula - a fun and addictive arcade platformer from studio HeroCraft. Despite the high quality of performance (graphics and story), yet it is clear that the experience of creating a small studio at platformers. This affects the usability and responsiveness of government. The game comes in a free Lite-version with integrated advertising, and the full version for a minimal cost - 30 rubles.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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