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Review Zoidtrip

Tariq Abdulla
Decent animation, decent graphics, dynamic game play, simple controls
Features ads
Zoidtrip for Android is a side-scroller where you play a triangular shaped bacterium (or spaceship or whatever). A single tap changes your direction from angled left to angled right. You have to keep doing this to avoid the columns sticking out of the sides. The background keeps changing color in an attempt to add some interest to this mediocre game.
The music is instantly grating. You might as well hit that mute button before even opening this game. Really, just trust me on this one, you don’t even need to hear that music. The awkward angles make it difficult to keep swimming for very long. Which of course makes the game frustrating; but not in a way that made me want to keep playing.
The mechanics are pretty original however, and I haven’t played any other games where the character changed angle in quite the same way. He/she turns through 90 degrees to jut forward at right angles. So navigating between the columns requires constant tapping and attention. Maybe if there was more of a story here, it would be a bit more intriguing. Who is this Zoid and where is he going? Is he a bacterium swimming happily through the sea of your lower intestine? Of course it doesn’t really make any difference who or what he is, but at least we might know that we are swimming towards something.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
Brandon Girod
Simple controls, charming visuals
The gameplay feels worn, the game doesn't take any initiative to introduce new mechanics
So, we’ll avoid making comparisons to what the game's characters look like, but Zoidtrip for Android is a pretty fun entry into the endless runner genre. In it, you’ll be swimming your way to who knows where (or what) while dodging ledges, which eventually turn into tunnels.
As with any game like this, it’s paramount that the game’s controls are as simple as they can be so the player doesn’t have to think about them. If you can tap your finger, you have all of the necessary motor skills you need to master the game. The rest is up to quick reflexes, careful planning, and sometimes just sheer luck.
As you die, you’ll notice that the background changes colors to give you a bit of a change of scenery. This is pretty typical for most games in the genre, and is very much appreciated. You also get access to different zoids as you progress through the game. There are 12 different zoids to unlock, and they all look different from the last.
I had a decent amount of fun with what the game has to offer, but I felt like the game just got too repetitive too fast. I mean, I guess you can’t really expect too much from a game like this, but therein lies to problem, in my opinion. This game takes no risks, they've just thought up a slightly different gameplay mechanic and slapped a new skin on it.
Zoidtrip is good fun for what it is, as long as you don’t expect too much from it. There is a little incentive to keep playing, and the visuals are charming, but overall it just feels a bit worn out.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 6/10
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