NeuroNation - brain training
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NeuroNation - brain training
NeuroNation - brain training
NeuroNation - brain training
NeuroNation - brain training
NeuroNation - brain training
NeuroNation - brain training
NeuroNation - brain training
NeuroNation - brain training
NeuroNation - brain training

Review NeuroNation - brain training

Brandon Girod
Features easy to track progress, ui is pleasant and easy to use, the app tailors your experience based on your goals
I only found 3 types of puzzles in the game
Brain teasers have been around for just about forever, and now that we’ve all got phones, we can feel inadequate on the go! NeuroNation for Android is a brain training app that wants to try and help you keep your mental skills sharp, while also being somewhat entertaining.
So you start off by going through a little preparation survey. It basically asks you what areas of your brain you want to train in three different categories. Once you choose what you want to focus on -- I chose everything -- it gives you a test in each of the categories. After you’ve gone through the test it gives you a score where it places you in a “tier” and compares you to other users, which can be cool if you score high, but not so cool otherwise.
The exercises range from a number of different things like memory, logic, and focus. The logic puzzles have you matching rotating block shapes, similar to Tetris shapes, to a static shape. The memory game has you linking increasingly difficult dots together in specific orders, and the focus puzzle is basically a word game that has you identify properties of words based on color, shape, and meaning.
Overall, NeuroNation has a pleasant presentation, a fun set of puzzles, and helps you track your progress after every exercise you complete. It gives you the option to pay for additional puzzles, but you get daily ones for free. The only downside of the app is that the exercises are pretty limited, so I’m not really sure how engaging the app will be long term for most users.

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Cloudy in Da House
Let me share my personal story out here.

I purchased “NeuroNation” PC on-line game for 67.20 Euro 15/12/15. I hardly even played in it and went off in half a year and totally forgot about it. Out of a sudden 16/12/16 I was charged 84 Euro through Paypal system. As it is turned out it was a renewal 12-month subscription. Addressing NeuroNation customer care the very same day and explaining situation that I no longer use their product and asking them to refund me did not do any good. They just cancelled my subscription without giving money back.

There are three reasons that upset me:

1. It wasn’t clear from the beginning that I will be charged next year without any notification prior to charge;

2. The second-year subscription costed me 25% more to that was in previous year. I was not aware of it;

3. I asked them, in my email , to cancel my contract and do a refundBalance training doesn't seem to work.

I personally see that “NeuroNation” tries to get more money from unaware customers with crocked ways that put efforts to make customers pleased and happy with their product.
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