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Trial Xtreme 4
Trial Xtreme 4
Trial Xtreme 4
Trial Xtreme 4
Trial Xtreme 4
Trial Xtreme 4
Trial Xtreme 4
Trial Xtreme 4
Trial Xtreme 4

Review Trial Xtreme 4

Ollie Green
Neat graphics, online multiplayer, lots of levels, exciting game play
Lags a bit
Trial Xtreme 4 for Android is a fun stunt bike game that takes inspiration from the popular Trials HD game. In this app, you will be driving against other players online as you ride over jumps, dodge obstacles and try to keep on the course at the fastest speed possible. There are plenty of levels to unlock and items to upgrade or purchase with in-game money.
When you first start this game, you will be given one bike and one stage to play on. As you play for longer and beat players online in races, you will earn stars. Earning stars is the only way you can unlock new stages without spending on in-app purchases. Whilst stars are needed for new stages, upgrading your bike or buying gear for your character costs an in-game currency that is also rewarded for finishing races.
When you are racing against other players, you won't actually be racing them in real time. Instead, you will be technically racing a "ghost" of their most recent race on that level. Because of this, you can make mistakes or crash, and use a restart token to retry the race. This gives players a chance to keep earning as much stars and currency as possible.
The graphics in this game are pretty spot on, and there is enough variety in stages, player items and bike upgrades to keep our eyes from falling asleep whilst playing. As for the actual gameplay - each stage has been developed to a point where it's exciting to play through, and there are always plenty of opportunities to find shortcuts or techniques that can shorten your race time.
My only complaints with Trial Xtreme 4 are that it is a little laggy in some areas and some of the most expensive bikes would take ages to unlock without spending on in-app purchases.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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