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Review FLiPSi for Facebook & VK

Kevin Vadala
Good interface
Laggy menus
Flipsi for Facebook & VK for Android is it an alternative messaging solution that pulls data from your Facebook messaging and other messages into one singular app.While the messaging component of this app is very important, there are also other nifty features inside the app that make this app stand out. The other features include the ability to see your events and photos from Facebook. Overall, Flipsi is a new way to interact with Facebook, that lets you avoid the Facebook messenger app--but there are also other options inside the app for you to use like the other messaging services. This can be helpful, because in today's messenger filled world, there are a lot of different messengers around that people use.
For the most part, Flipsi looks and feels pretty good for a messenger. One thing that I did notice about the app that bothered me is that my texts would clump together outside of the actual conversation. For example, I would send four lines of text that would be right on top of each other and then the text from the other person in the conversation would be below. Normal messaging works with the messages lining up in real time, so it's like an actual conversation. For some reason this app doesn't do that.
Once you get your Facebook account set up, you can easily see different messages that you've been part of on Facebook.It's also fairly easy to set up your account for each separate message or individually, however, there were some times where I ran into some errors with the app-- like for example, some parts of the app glitch in a laggy sort of way.Something that happened quite regularly is that I would switch tabs and I will still be on the last tab that I was viewing.
The photo part of the app is pretty interesting in that it lets you view photos, but it really only lets you view your own photos-- and not photos from your Facebook stream, which would actually be more useful.
Flipsi is a cool alternative for a Facebook messenger and it also has a VK account set up. While there isn't as much customization and I as I would like an app everything looks pretty decent and cool, but you do have to pay for additional textures. Overall, FTSE isn't the best performing a half but it's premise is unique enough to take a look if not always rely on.

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Usefulness 7/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 7/10
Design 7/10
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