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ZERO Communication
ZERO Communication
ZERO Communication
ZERO Communication
ZERO Communication
ZERO Communication
ZERO Communication
ZERO Communication
ZERO Communication
ZERO Communication
ZERO Communication
ZERO Communication

Review ZERO Communication

Kevin Vadala
Great private messaging feature, decent ui
Doesn't blow me away
Zero Communication (SMS) for Android is a minimalist messenger app that has a few interesting features. It prides itself on being very small (only 1.5 mb) and from what I’ve seen through using the app, simple and clean. It has a blue color scheme, simple black text, and easy to access features--most notably, private messaging (perfect for that naughty texting you like so much ;)).
There are quite a few messaging apps on the Play Store, and their quality and purposes often feel very similar. There are popular apps that use internet for messaging like Whatsapp, apps like Google Hangouts for mainstream SMS messaging, and a few other apps that base themselves on encryption like Wired. Zero Communication doesn’t feel big like Hangouts, feel flashy like so many of the internet message based apps, or particularly modern and slick like Wired. Instead it just feels simple and plain--which isn’t always a bad thing. It’s just that Zero communication doesn’t positively stand out in an especially amazing way, but it also doesn’t suck. Zero Communication is another branch of Zero, and they make a few different apps. Perhaps that’s why it doesn’t feel extremely potent in one form or another. Instead it feels like an extension.
Perhaps most intriguing about Zero Communication is the private messaging feature. You can easily access this feature which is guarded by a pass code and then talk privately. In some ways, I could see this feature being enabled on more popular apps quite easily, but it is a nice addition here that might serve as a way to get people to use this app instead of others.
Zero Communication is a decent messaging app with one unique feature, and a useable interface. While it doesn’t stand out from the crowd, it doesn’t have any annoyances or features that would dissuade me from using it. If I wanted private messaging, this app could get the job done, and until other similar apps have must use features--it really just depends on if you personally like the look of it.

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Usefulness 7/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 7/10
Design 7/10
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I DO!! I DO!!
what bunch of losers
what bunch of losers05 Aug 2016, at 09:13
that wasnt me!!!
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