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Spades Plus
Spades Plus
Spades Plus
Spades Plus
Spades Plus
Spades Plus
Spades Plus
Spades Plus
Spades Plus
Spades Plus

Review Spades Plus

Kevin Vadala
Great interface, large amount of users
Spades is a little bit tricky to learn
Spades Plus for Android is a variant of the Facebook game of the same name. Now it’s on the mobile platform with all of the game platform’s users to play with. While playing the game, it said there were over 9,000 players playing--which is a lot. In the game you have a few choices like playing online, or playing solo. Nevertheless, everything always comes down to the cards. Not being a fan of the card game Spades, I had a bit of trouble acclimating to the gameplay. However, that said, I could still appreciate the friendly presentation of the game, the simple menus, and easy but solid online card play.
Spades has a good polished and cartoony vibe about it. I found it particularly easy to get straight into the game and start playing. While I didn’t know what I was doing--things can be done quite easily. Before long I was betting (or rather guessing as it’s called in this game) large amounts and plopping down cards. It’s nice because your cards are automatically organized, and I didn’t encounter any glaring control issues. There was the occasional ad, but nothing that drastically annoyed me.
Once I was tired of free styling, I hopped out of the game (I received a small penalty but oh well) and looked at the help menu. You can learn to play the game (sorta) by reading the tutorial that is presented by sliding through written slides. These slides aren’t too detailed, and the slides use a lot of the game’s terminology without explaining things carefully. For someone not familiar with Spades, or for someone who doesn’t feel patient enough to invest some time learning Spades, this might not be the best card game experience for you.
Spades Plus is a great game for fans of the card game. There are a lot of social features like gifting, and prestige earned through earning gold and opportunities to talk in the games. Overall, it feels like a complete experience.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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