Slice: Online Shopping Tracker
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Slice: Online Shopping Tracker
Slice: Online Shopping Tracker
Slice: Online Shopping Tracker
Slice: Online Shopping Tracker
Slice: Online Shopping Tracker
Slice: Online Shopping Tracker
Slice: Online Shopping Tracker
Slice: Online Shopping Tracker

Review Slice: Online Shopping Tracker

Kevin Vadala
Great innovative software, good features, easy to use
No significant shortcomings
Slice for Android is a unique app that lets you see your purchase history. In the app, you simply log into your Gmail account (or create an account), and then you can see the total amount of purchases (emailed receipts). It’s a very clever way to see an end-all total list of all of your purchases, without having to do meticulous digging around through your bank files.
You can see each individual item presented in a scrollable list, but you can also see the total amount grossed from all your purchases from two set time points. By using this app, I was able to see the total amount of money that I have spent from the last 5 years (I consider it to be fairly accurate because most everything I have bought online usually is followed by an email receipt). I have spent over 50,000 dollars on Android video games... Just kidding!
Slice has a lot of solid features, but the main part of the app remains easy to use and it looks good too. You can see all of your purchases with small detailed information matched by icons from your purchases. If you bought a book, you might find a book icon and then the information about the book like the price and where you purchased it. When you tap on a tab like this you can also see more information.
Slice doesn’t stop there. You can also search through all of your purchases for a specific purchase, share things (I don’t know why you would - I suppose it could be useful for sharing a receipt?), and you can also just view updated information like packages that are being shipped to your house currently.
Slice is a great app without any gimmicks. It’s really a useful app that I plan to keep on my phone.

Final ratings

Usefulness 9/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 9/10
Design 9/10
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