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WWE SuperCard
WWE SuperCard
WWE SuperCard
WWE SuperCard
WWE SuperCard
WWE SuperCard
WWE SuperCard
WWE SuperCard

Review WWE SuperCard

Brandon Girod
Addictive gameplay, matches are incredibly fast, the game has no limiting resource systems that prevent you from playing
The King of the Ring mode takes way too long to play through
Sometimes described as “barely a game”, WWE Super Card for Android is a wrestling card game that’s about as intense as the sport itself. You start off with a roster of card characters and soon find yourself wrestling with the likes of Kane, The Rock, and the Undertaker - all vying for a spot in king of the ring.
This is almost more of an RPG than a card game. I say that because the game relies heavily on leveling up your cards and combining them to create more powerful versions of these cards. Now, this is a feature lauded throughout countless mobile RPGs, but it’s somewhat different here because matches only last about 20 seconds when you’re flying through, and while you’re playing against the decks of real players, you’re not playing against the actual players. This means you build and unlock a huge deck of cards that you can feed into other cards and combine to create some real powerhouse wrestlers.
The gameplay mechanic is also somewhat interesting because matches are best out of 3, though it can go a bit longer if you get frequent draws. But each fight has three matches that have a stat you need to have maximized and will either be a solo match, tag match, or a match against diva wrestlers. This means you won’t be mindlessly cruising through each match. There is some thought required, but not much.
WWE Supercard is actually really surprising. Mainly because it takes the same tired gameplay mechanics we’ve seen in multiple games, and manages to present them to us in a way that’s actually more fun to deal with than it is a hassle.

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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was going to buy an 2017 amazon fire hd but not sure if i'd be able to get this on this device or if i'd be able to continue where i am at using my google or facebook login
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