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Drift Zone: Trucks
Drift Zone: Trucks
Drift Zone: Trucks
Drift Zone: Trucks
Drift Zone: Trucks
Drift Zone: Trucks
Drift Zone: Trucks
Drift Zone: Trucks

Review Drift Zone: Trucks

Brandon Girod
Stunning graphics, intuitive control interface and design
The driving physics are overly sensitive, the game doesn't explain any of the mechanics, the upgrade system is not intuitive
Drifting in a racing game seems to be conceptually similar in ideology as sniping is in a FPS game. It’s never the optimal way to play a game, but people do it nonetheless. In Drift Zone: Trucks for Android drifting is still not really the optimal way to play either, oddly enough.
The graphics in this game are gorgeous, especially for a mobile device. They’re probably the best part about the game, to be honest. The controls seem like they had a lot of thought to them as well, but aren’t as responsive as you’d expect them to be. For instance, pulling the handbrake doesn’t really have any immediate effect; but you can break out into a drift just by oversteering.
Controls are a difficult part of the game to manage. The gas has different throttling response depending on where you have your finger placed. You have a handbrake, a reverse, and a button that puts everything in slow motion to help you “perfect” your drifts. My problem with the game is that I never get enough speed going to be able to break into a drift without coming to a complete stop a very short time later. And the “track” can be completed without even needing to do any real drifting.
This kind of leads up to the head of the spear - the game does almost nothing to explain its concepts. There are 4 trucks to choose from and you can modify them somehow, but the game doesn’t tell you how. You can do a lot of customizing your current rig by messing with the suspensions, brakes, etc. But again, the game doesn’t tell you how any of these things will affect your driving experience, so it just comes down to trial and error.
Drift Zone: Trucks seems like it has a ton of potential. The controls were well thought out, the graphics are gorgeous, and the game performs top notch. Where it falls on its face is the extremely basic tutorial. The game does nothing to explain its mechanics, and you have to learn in a way that just isn’t fun.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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