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Pixel Twist
Pixel Twist
Pixel Twist
Pixel Twist
Pixel Twist
Pixel Twist

Review Pixel Twist

Sergei Petrov
Pixel Twist - it's an amazing and unusual puzzle game for Android, where we'll have to use your imagination to get through the levels. We have some of the cubes in space to collect a complete picture, but it is not moving the cubes, and just changing your angle of view.
The idea of ​​the game is somewhat similar to 3D-drawings on the pavement, which are solid form with only one angle. When viewed from the opposite side, the pavement will be provided as space, mindlessly flooded paint. Here's all the same, and we need to find and connect two points to get one pixel of a picture.
Engaged in developing a game studio Noodlecake, which understands pixel art like no other. It was out of their hands were such "pixel" masterpieces as old-school platformer League of Evil and challenging puzzles HueBrix . Despite the styling for the 80th year, the language does not turn to name Pixel Twist something obsolete and non-unique.


Gameplay is based on the fact that we have one minute of time to find and collect as many pictures, with the national team picture we set off more time. It turns out that if you learn to play well, the starting minute of the game can turn and 5 and 10 minutes of continuous geimpleya that requires full focus and concentration.
Control of the game is very simple, we move one finger design and try to fit it to look to what is shown in the sample. As soon as we come close enough to the result, the figure will automatically collect, and we counted towards points.

Features Pixel Twist for Android:

  • More than 100 unique puzzles (bulk items);
  • Two unique game modes;
  • Very simple and exciting geimpley;
  • Colorful stylized pixels and quality sound.
According to the developers themselves, the game Pixel Twist quickly relax and catch the feeling of "Zen," that is totally focused on a pleasant experience. By itself, the gameplay looks magical and breathtaking, especially at a time when the chaos magically formed into a coherent picture.
Summary. Pixel Twist - is unique in its genre puzzle game for Android, which has, to date, there is no worthy counterparts. The disadvantages are the only that 100 levels for a game - too little, given that the acquisition of skills they click as nuts, and pixels to draw is not that difficult. The game is distributed completely free with integrated advertising banner.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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