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Golf Championship
Golf Championship
Golf Championship
Golf Championship
Golf Championship
Golf Championship
Golf Championship
Golf Championship

Review Golf Championship

Brandon Girod
Really solid gameplay mechanics, has a surprising amount of depth and gameplay options for a mobile game, fun progression system that doesn't get in the way
The visual design choice is uninspired
Golf Championship for Android is a real golf game. Wow! It’s really rare when you play a game on a mobile platform that plays and feels like a real game you’d find on a console or PC. There are definitely some mobile elements embedded into the game, but overall you’ve got a 3D character that you’re golfing with on well designed courses.
All of the controls in the game are really intuitive and easy to grasp the first time you play through them. You can swap clubs, you’ve got several angles you can view all of your shots from, and you can do a ton of other things. Hitting the ball has two separate and timed power levels you have to match in order to get a perfect shot. But the speed is slow enough that you should be able to nail it every time.
Where the game breaks away a bit from the traditional platforms is in the courses. You’re not playing 9 or 18 straight holes, instead you’ve got levels broken up like most mobile games. There is also a tiered scoring system, but the game seems to be bipolar in how it rates you. For instance, the first hole I played I got three stars for making a birdie, but the fourth hole I made an Eagle on, and only scored two stars for the level. The game doesn’t tell you what you need to do in order to three star each level.
As you play through the courses you’ll earn gold, which can be used to buy different things. Most of these items are aesthetics like gloves, clothes, etc, but they all add different stats to your player.
Golf Championship is a pretty fun golf game that I have no problem recommending to anyone. The game can be played and enjoyed completely for free, but you’ve also got plenty of items if you’re into making in-app purchases. While I’m not keen on the aesthetic, the gameplay is really solid.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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