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Jewels Dash
Jewels Dash
Jewels Dash
Jewels Dash
Jewels Dash
Jewels Dash
Jewels Dash
Jewels Dash
Jewels Dash
Jewels Dash
Jewels Dash
Jewels Dash

Review Jewels Dash

Sergei Petrov
Jewels Dash - is a fun arcade puzzle, which can be classified as a puzzle "Three in a row." Our challenge will be to a certain time to find as many of nearby crystals of one color.
Game Developed by Ezjoy, whom we know from fun ZUMA-like arcade game Marble Blast 3 and interesting strategy Empire VS Orcs . According to the developer, Jewels Dash provides a good workout for the brain, and also allows you to develop a vision and attention, which will help in the real world through the eyes quickly find the desired objects, such as words in the text.


The game consists of three modes - classic, blocks and hex. In classic mode, we need one minute to destroy as many as possible of the adjacent blocks. To maximize the number of points necessary to try to break down and combine large concentrations identical crystals.
Mode "blocks" practically does not differ from the classical, except that the time given to us much more, and the process is reversed scoring (they are given, depending on at what point we break the crystals).
The last mode is "hex" is also reminiscent of the first two options, but the difference is that the crystals are placed in small hexagons (regular hexagons). The solution of such levels is somewhat more complicated, because the crystals do not touch the four sides, and once six.

Features Jewels Dash for Android:

  • Three different game modes;
  • High-quality HD-graphics, optimized for smartphones and tablets;
  • A large number of useful bonuses;
  • Bright and colorful special effects;
  • Convenient operation and good geimpley.
On the level of difficulty, the game is available for all ages, and the like, to both children and adults, as well as those who enjoy puzzles on "Three in a row." Unlike competitive game, Diamond boom , there is more arcade geimpley as stones often fall close to the same color.


Jewels Dash - a great way to relax with a passing interesting and undemanding arcade puzzle. The disadvantages include the game annoying ads at the bottom of the screen, and a limited number of tokens (hearts) for the game, which quickly run out and then restored after a while.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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