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Arcane Legends
Arcane Legends
Arcane Legends
Arcane Legends
Arcane Legends
Arcane Legends
Arcane Legends
Arcane Legends
Arcane Legends
Arcane Legends
Arcane Legends
Arcane Legends
Arcane Legends
Arcane Legends
Arcane Legends

Review Arcane Legends

Jay Feldman
Decent graphics, interesting plot, responsive controls
Poor zoom function, terrible on small screens, crashes, glitches, lags a bit, difficult to play without in-app purchases
Arcane Legends for Android seems to be aptly named; it’s a fantasy quest game, however, with an arcane presentation and plot.
Arcane Legends has a lot going for it. The problem is, it has just as much working against it. The play is your basic quest game. Choose your heroes and sidekicks, customize their look to your liking, then embark on a quest. What’s the quest about? It doesn't really matter. Fight enemies, use power ups, gain special abilities and save the day. It’s all very predictable, which is fine of there was some innovation here. Sadly the game is far to bogged down to really be playable let alone enjoyable.
The controls are choppy and a little erratic. The graphics and animation are decent, but like so many others, keep you at arms reach with poor zoom and perspectives. Most of the game unfolds from an aerial view with no real manipulation possible, so a lot of the great visuals are virtually lost. The biggest hindrance here are the monotonous downloads and constant lags between screens. It takes forever just to get this game started, and if you accidentally minimize it, it usually starts all over again with the same downloads and load screens. Very tedious and takes away from the game play for sure.
The sounds are ok, the presentation is mediocre and the play is just static and dull, in my opinion. The game is also very heavy handed on system resources for what little is going on.
Arcane Legends has a lot of promise but would be near pointless to play on a small screen. There’s just not enough refinement in the presentation for this game to truly be played and enjoyed. Worse still, it’s very difficult to play without spending money. This one just bored me. I think future versions will hopefully show a little more intrigue and sophistication. The definition of arcane - understood by few; mysterious or secret. In that vein, this one remains a mystery to me.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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Its open in nokia x
I love arcane legend it is very Niles I love it !!!!!!!!
Yeah... It doesn't open. I checked the list of compatible devices, and it says that kindle fires would work. They don't even open the file. Maybe you should actually test the devices before you say they're compatible?
nice game im really like this game
Same here. It wont runbon galaxy grand duos
Trash, cant open galaxy grand duos.
Arcane legends dosen't work on my galaxy grand it automatically close when u open an application. how do we solve this?
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