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Cubic Castles
Cubic Castles
Cubic Castles
Cubic Castles
Cubic Castles
Cubic Castles
Cubic Castles

Review Cubic Castles

Kevin Vadala
Great social components
No fighting, graphics + menus feel too crowded
Cubic Castles for Android is a Minecraft-like (without the depth or monsters to fight) experience, that encourages social interaction by letting you visit other people’s worlds. The world plays out like a map where you can see other people’s plots, and your own place besides your numbers. In the game, you create little rooms/worlds by placing blocks and moving furniture around. This game is like Minecraft if it was played from a top down view, except extremely simplified.
I’m conflicted about Cubic Castles. On one hand, its a great and unique experience that feels extremely innovative in terms of being a social platform. You can walk around, see others walking around, and join their little worlds that they had created. This is all VERY cool, it’s just the form of the game is odd and not something that I could find myself getting into very easily.
It has to do with the graphic style and general feel of the game. You start by walking through a tutorial, and it becomes fairly obvious that the UI feels strained. There is a pull down notification menu that always seems to get in the way. You actually have to rotate your camera around it at times, just to make the screen bearable. Besides that, things control OK, but not as dynamically as I would like. You can move around, and jump, but it all just feels kind of pointless inside the world. You can build things and show people, but there's no fighting. Building bases in 2D just feels a bit odd. Do I care enough to build a base so someone else can see it? Things just didn’t feel “cool” enough to me enough for me to want to build things.
Cubic Castles is a game that plays with a really cool idea. However, the implementation of that idea falls flat (literally) because there is no combat, or really much to the game besides designing and arranging blocks.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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