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Review AngerOfStick4

Kevin Vadala
Good variety of moves to perform
Unpolished animations, lackluster character design
AngerOfStick4: Reboot for Android is a fighting game that has you advancing through levels throwing off moves and corpses like trash bags into a trashcan. AngerOfStick plays like a fighting game, but with enemies that just keep coming; similar to an action side scroller game. In the game you have combos pressed by four buttons which do kicking, jabbing, stomping, etc. You also move side to side and you can jump.
AngerOfStick is a fighting game, that's for sure. It is one of those games that seemed so bent on obtaining that goal that it definitely succeeded. But to say its not rough around edges, that it’s fun, or that it looks good… Those would be definite lies. It’s a game that does one thing mediocre and has tacked on microtransactions that help you get other fighters quicker. Everything else suffers.
The animations in the game look very choppy and not fluid at all. Perhaps it’s because you are a nameless stick fighting figure with white insides, but you’d think that the actual fighting moves would look decent still. I mean, they obviously didn’t put much effort into designing your character or the multitude of characters that you can play (the coolest ones cost the most money to play of course). Instead you are stuck swinging around your limbs without much cool animations or added effects to make things feel more dramatic than they already aren’t.
AngerOfStick4: Reboot is a game that makes me wonder how four games have came out already before it. Sure there's a fair amount of complexity in terms of how many combos you can do, and plenty of characters to unlock, but the combat doesn’t feel fluid or fresh (this is something very hard to attain on a mobile device) and there’s nothing else that stands out.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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