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One For Eleven
One For Eleven
One For Eleven
One For Eleven
One For Eleven
One For Eleven
One For Eleven
One For Eleven

Review One For Eleven

Brandon Girod
The UI has a great aesthetic, there are a tons of features and menus to enjoy
The gameplay doesn't have a logical flow, the menu isn't intuitive
I never quite understood the appeal of games that require you to manage a sports team through glorified spreadsheets, but that’s never stopped games like Football Manager from being one of the bestselling PC games. The developers, Actoz Soft, have decided to bring One for Eleven for Android to the mobile market in order to help quench a dying thirst.
When you first boot up the game you get a random assortment of players that are pre-assigned to specific positions. It kind of dumps you off in the middle of a field when you first get started. Matches are held in real-time against other players in the background. You can watch them unfold if you want: changing strategies, swapping players, etc. But you can also choose to just let everything go and manage your team.
Managing your team often comes down to training your players, trading them, and recruiting new ones. Player stats follow a tiered stat system indicated by stars to help you decipher which players are better, and you can train them to get better.
Unfortunately, the gameplay is built from the ground up to cater to your standard free-to-play model. This means literally every action you take in the game requires a premium currency, and often leaves free-to-play users sitting on the bench, waiting for money to accrue so they can keep playing.
Like I said in the beginning, I’ve never been one to get swept up by a sports manager game, and One for Eleven certainly didn’t do anything to bring me into the genre. The game’s presentation is nice, the UI looks good, but I often found myself lost in the menus. And while there is a decent amount of strategy to be found in the gameplay, I found it to be weighed down by the free-to-play aspects.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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