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Zombie Highway
Zombie Highway
Zombie Highway
Zombie Highway
Zombie Highway
Zombie Highway
Zombie Highway
Zombie Highway
Zombie Highway
Zombie Highway

Review Zombie Highway

Jay Feldman
Decent animation, unusual plot, simple controls
Not interesting game play, monotonous game play, low quality graphics, low quality animation, not interesting to play without paying money
Zombie Highway for Android actually has some originality going for it. But the execution simply lacks refinement and the play needs to be developed.
Zombie Highway has an interesting premise; you are driving a car down a desolate, Mad Max sorta highway. There’s debris and remnants on the road from those that have tried and failed at traversing this stretch of asphalt. You see, zombies are on loose and highly vicious. They dive at your car from the side of the road, grab hold of your roof and doors then join you for the ride. When 2 or more zombies pile on, they try jostling your car to make it overturn so they can munch on your brains. Sideswipe abandoned cars to dump the zombies clutching your car, or just tap the screen to shoot at them; nothing like a relaxing Sunday drive with the family; what fun!!
The controls make use of your gizmo’s tilt sensors; just tilt your device to swerve your car. There is no throttle and the game desperately needs one; it just has no speed, and if I had zombies diving at my car, you can bet I’d be punching the petal to the metal, not meandering on a leisurely joyride.
There are different guns and cars that will cost you money; none of which are worthwhile given the crude execution. I think this game has a lot of potential but needs a huge amount of refinement before it realizes any of it. As it is, this plays more like an early beta.
Zombie Highway should be great in another few versions. This is a good start, and may even earn a cult following, but to truly breakout, this game needs a lot more polish.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 7/10
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I don't no how to play
Dar'ya Suvorova
Those zombies...why, the mighty Android, they are still so popular?)))) I am even better in eating my brains by myself.....BRAAAAAINS ))
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