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Rope Escape
Rope Escape
Rope Escape
Rope Escape
Rope Escape
Rope Escape
Rope Escape
Rope Escape
Rope Escape
Rope Escape
Rope Escape
Rope Escape
Rope Escape
Rope Escape
Rope Escape
Rope Escape

Review Rope Escape

Jay Feldman
Funny sounds, interesting graphics, decent game play, one-finger controls
Too few levels, bores you really quickly
Rope Escape for Android is just silly fun, though a tad monotonous. Swing like Tarzan from one tree to the next, but the real fun lurks in the atmosphere above.
Rope Escape has the look and feel of a classic arcade game, but doesn't really hold much of the charm. You’re in control of an Indiana Jones type of character and your mission is to swing from tree to tree; as far and as long as you can without going splat. The graphics are interesting and entertaining, though it's all a tad bland and dry.
The controls are easy; just tap once to cast your rope and attach it to a tree; tap again to let go, and fly through the air. Naturally, you want to get up some good swing so you can travel farther and higher. Before long, you will discover there’s a lot more interesting stuff than trees to cast your line onto. There’s flying boulders, zeppelins and even some UFOs. Can you guess which one I liked latching onto the best? Yup, the UFOs because they send you hurling up into the stratosphere and drag you all over the place.
You’re supposed to do the obligatory coin collecting so you can rack up points and buy stuff in the shop, like special ropes and power ups. It’s all well developed but still kinda 'meh.' It’s fun for an occasional swing around the virtual park, but gets kind of old and tired pretty fast.
Rope Escape is nicely presented, with some entertaining graphics and good animations, but at the end of the day, I just found it sort of boring. It needs some sort of twist to make it more interesting and justify the donations.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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