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Kevin Vadala
Posted: Kevin VadalaTested 15 May 2017 on Samsung GT-I9500 Galaxy S4

Friendly and feature-oriented video chat app
Fun features included, easy to use and find friends with facebook
Just another video chat in some ways

Rounds for Android is a robust chatting platform which includes messaging, video chats, and calling. It’s a very colorful app with an easy to use interface, which includes social media integration for easy access to your friends. Like all social chatting apps, you need to actually have friends who have the app first in order to use it; which is a dilemma in and of itself. Luckily, as a reviewer, I have the luxury of forcing a friend to test it out with me. However, due to close proximity, my results weren’t exactly the best. Given that you simply tell your friends to install the app, the process should be really easy as long as you restart the app to refresh things every once in a while. You won’t have any of the complications that you do on Skype with creating an account and adding usernames - since you can connect directly with Facebook.
Rounds just feels like an app based on having fun, and a lot of the features certainly feel fun. You can draw on people’s faces which is always awesome, play simple games through the app, and even doodle around. These features really form the core foundation of the app, as without video calling you are mostly just navigating around menus that include your friends list, and other things like messages.
Video calling works well as you don’t need to be in the app to receive a call, and then connection also works easily as well. I wouldn’t recommend using the app close to someone because I received a tremendous amount of static/feedback even rooms apart.
Rounds has a great interface with a fun feel to it. There is even a little snow beast that asks you to add more friends, and the starkly contrasted bright colors and dark backgrounds feel very modern and clean. If you have a hankering for a video-calling app that has simple processes, with more involved playable and fun features, Rounds is a great fit.
Final ratings
Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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19 Oct 2015, at 00:10
nice · Samsung GT-I9070 Galaxy S Advance


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