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We Heart Pics
We Heart Pics
We Heart Pics
We Heart Pics
We Heart Pics
We Heart Pics
We Heart Pics
We Heart Pics
We Heart Pics
We Heart Pics
We Heart Pics
We Heart Pics
We Heart Pics
We Heart Pics

Review We Heart Pics

Sergei Petrov
We Heart Pics - is a rapidly developing a unique service that offers a new way to look at creating your own photos and sharing between friends and the world. In essence, this is another very promising and addictive social network based on the thematic pictures.
The main purpose of the program - it is ready to give you ideas of what you can take a picture, not having a professional technician. All you need - is the camera of your smartphone or tablet, and all ideas are already in the program, as well as examples of how to deal with other people.

How does We Heart Pics?

This service - it is such a large catalog of images that add its users. The program has a huge collection of themes and topics within the already comprehensive collection of all the ideas for the photo. If you, for example, go into a category of "me" and select the theme of "being in the form of" you will see there are thousands of photos of real people and how they see the sport.
Using We Heart Pics, many users have the desire to fill all the available categories, which number more than 180 pieces, and they are updated daily. Since all accounts are linked to social networks, you can always see the person whose photos you like and resonate with your heart.

Features We Heart Pics for Android:

  • The unique idea of ​​bringing together a lot of people;
  • Download pictures from any source;
  • View all photos and profiles of participants;
  • The ability to rewrite and add to friends the other participants;
  • Opportunity to comment and mark your favorite photos.
Structured photos by category accurately displays what looks like this or that person to life and specific things. So these pictures may say a hundred times more than long conversations and correspondence on all these topics.
We Heart Pics service now uses a huge amount of people, and Russian-speaking people among them a huge percentage. It is possible that your friends are already signed up and fill the category. If you register with Vkontakte , Facebook or Twitter , then the program will automatically find all of your friends.
Summary. We Heart Pics - this is a very interesting and promising social network, which is definitely a great future. There is a unique, tasteful design, powerful idea and a wonderful atmosphere positive. At this point, the program can sometimes slow down or crash, but these bugs, of course, with time to correct.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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