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Crazy Kangaroo
Crazy Kangaroo
Crazy Kangaroo
Crazy Kangaroo
Crazy Kangaroo
Crazy Kangaroo
Crazy Kangaroo
Crazy Kangaroo
Crazy Kangaroo
Crazy Kangaroo

Review Crazy Kangaroo

Sergei Petrov
Crazy Kangaroo - is a fun arcade game for Android-devices, in which we will play for a clever kangaroo, running away from the bad people. The game is fully tuned for control via the accelerometer, that is, where you turn the smartphone, there will be jumping kangaroo.
The developer of the game is the studio Gamelion, which we know from the puzzler Doodle Fit and action League of Heroes . All games studio combines a lot of attention to the interface, design and animation. Corporate identity can be seen in every game, despite the fact that they belong to completely different genres.

Gameplay and control

By its nature, the kangaroo is very bad swim, and in general, are not designed for this class, but in this game, our main character just have to deal with the most intractable water bodies.
To survive in the Crazy Kangaroo, we need to constantly jump from one obstacle to another, and neither should never fall into the water, it soon will end in death. That game did not seem quite simply, for us will chase evil poachers and Indians, so delayed. Occasionally we'll get out to the beach where our speed is greatly increased, but you can not run across the recumbent subjects.
Control of the game as simple: turning smartphone left or right side we make the jump. If your smartphone is tilted forward, we will make a big jump, and tilting the smartphone itself, we will jump almost on the spot.

Crazy Kangaroo features for Android:

  • Four great location with its own characteristics;
  • Nice graphics and animation;
  • Easy and intuitive operation;
  • A large number of amusing amp;
  • More than 50 single-player missions.
The game involves a set of colorful graphics and well thought geimpleya, which, despite its simplicity and monotony, it is not boring. Crazy Kangaroo cover completely free of charge, while developers get revenue from banner and the ability to buy additional amplifiers. In general, the game stingy, and a perfect environment with no monetary investment.


Crazy Kangaroo - is a fun and addictive arcade game, which can also be called a good taymkillerom. Any weaknesses in this fun game is not found, and given the fact that you can download it completely free, this is the real gift.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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