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Ski Safari
Ski Safari
Ski Safari
Ski Safari

Review Ski Safari

Evgenii Kostrov
In the game for Android-devices Ski Safari you will help a poor fellow, managed to spend the night in a hut in the middle of a steep mountain covered with snow. Early in the morning terrible happened - a mountain avalanche and began to sweep away everything in its path. Cabin skier was no exception and was also broken to pieces, but the main character himself off from a pile of debris in his bed and started downhill on steep slopes.
The first thing you need to do is get rid of awkward bed. It's enough to bump into the first boulder. Immediately after the collision, your character is clad in skiing, and even to them that you have a chance to break away from the snowy waves. True, you still do not really use it and in any case it will be buried under tons of snow, but when it does, depends on your reaction.
To successfully overcome the way, you will always have to be ready to jump the next boulder or log cabin, built by some tourists. During descent, the skier will fall penguins and Yeti. Do not try to jump over them, because they are not a no-brainer, but instead give you the opportunity to increase the rate of descent and tear away from overtaking the avalanche.
In addition to the snowman and penguin can meet and mountain eagles that can increase the skier high above the ground and take it away from danger. However, and much more difficult to catch the eagle. This will have to be ready to make the jump from a springboard not, as it is tempting, but a bit earlier.


To increase the number of game points can be earned by collecting coins scattered on the hillside, and perform various stunts while flying and jumping. Despite the simplicity of the gameplay, the game was really fun and deserves the title of a great time-killer. In graphic terms in the game there are no flaws, and the sound is unlikely to disappoint you.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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Subhamoy Sarkar
I have Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830. This game can't run in this mobile. Please help me anyone.
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